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The Morning After The Night Before (Food) May 9, 2012

Let’s be honest, most of the week you’re going to be getting drunk and waking up with a hangover. What you want when waking up is a big hearty breakfast if you’re a bloke or maybe a continental breakfast to clear the head if you’re a lady. I could be wrong, whatever takes your pick.

Sports Cafe

Although you won’t be coming here for the high quality of food it will definitely do the job after a night out. Saying that the food isn’t bad at all, I enjoy eating here, but if you’re looking for high quality tasty food I’s probably not the place.

They have a full English Breakfast, burgers, lasagne’s, curries, chips and steaks. Perfect for the day after the night before. I recommend Sports Cafe because their portions are big and you can also heal your hangover with the hair of the dog early the next day.  They also play all the live sport so it is the perfect place to come and build up to your next night.

The burgers are a personal favourite of mine and I would recommend the chicken burger. It comes crispy, with fresh tomato, lettuce and you can pay a little extra for cheese and bacon on top. The prices aren’t particularly cheap compared to places outside of Center Parcs but compared to the other places within it is the cheapest you will get. Meals will set you back around £8 with a pint costing £3.60.

Cafe Rouge

This is perfect for the women after a night out.  You can order the continental breakfast which has a selection of muffins, meats and cheeses. If that isn’t for you then the full English is a little different to the traditional. It doesn’t have beans or chips or black pudding but grilled vegetables and potatoes.

The setting is quiet and tranquil so perfect for a head that is spinning. There are a wide selection of drinks including a variety of unusual tea’s. This is for the little more sophisticated taste and the portions are much smaller than Sports Cafe.

However the whole atmosphere is different and is much quieter and laidback whereas sports cafe will be buzzing for the days sporting events.

Grand Cafe

This is the best breakfast on the site. The full English has everything you want, all the trimmings and extra’s if you want them. The portion is even bigger than Sports Cafe but there is no alcohol or sports played in here. Again there is a continental option and a wide variety of tea’s.

This is the best location of the three as it is right in the middle of the village square. On the other hand Sports Cafe is down by the Jardin Des Sports and Cafe Rouge is in the Plaza. The prices are again similar to the other two and it would definitely be my choice before heading down to the Sports Cafe for a few beers.

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Nights Out In The Local Area May 8, 2012

Nights Out In The Local Area

One of the main problems that stag and hen parties have when they come to Center Parcs is that there are loads of activities to do during the day but very little entertainment for them during the evenings. The bars and restaurants all shut at midnight and there is very little for adults to do. There is a family disco in Sports Cafe, which, by the huge lack of people that attend, is absolute rubbish.

Here are my recommendations:


Bristol is one of the best nights out in the UK. It is around an hour away from Center Parcs so you will have to get the train there and a taxi back late at night. However it has so many different nights for different types of people and for different parties.

There is an Oceana in the centre which has a huge selection of rooms ranging from the ice room to the cheese room. You can stumble between rooms and listen to music from every music genre. For older stag/ hen parties the cheese room may appeal with 70’s/80’s/90’s hits. Whereas for those a little younger the main room with current chart songs may appeal.

There are also various different nights available ranging from Drum & Bass to indie nights. There is a Superclub called the syndicate which does various nights on different days of the week.

Bristol is definitely the best place to go for a night out in the local area, the close are within close proximity of each other and you are sure to have a good night.

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Again this is a fair distance from Center Parcs taking around half an hour to get there. But yet again it has a variety of pubs/ clubs that are probably more suited to hen/stag parties. There are two Wetherspoons in the centre and these are a great place to start your night on cheap beer and cocktails.

There are also various cocktail bars and themed pubs. A personal  favourite is the Slug & Lettuce which offers cheap shots and shorts every day during the week.

Once already on your way you will want to visit the clubs. Blue Rooms is renowned for its CocoLoco night on a Thursday whilst Revs will be rammed at the weekends. Something different about the Bath nightlife is that almost all the clubs are below the ground. Although this can lead to some being a sweaty mess, they are completely different to what you may be used to.

On weekdays most are quite flexible on dress code .etc. if you have a theme. Although it may be good advice to ring up and find out before.

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This is the local town to Center Parcs and is only around a 5 minute taxi ride away. Although there are no clubs this is a good place to come on a weekday with karaoke happening on every night of the week in the various pubs as well as various drinks offers and deals.

The most common place to go is The Old Bell. This is packed on a weekend and is fairly busy in the week. Although not like Bath or Bristol it offers a cheap and local night out. I would recommend pre-drinking quite a lot (which is more than likely if you are on a stag/ hen party) as the pubs are busy and it can sometimes take a while for you to get served.

Once you’ve left there is a ‘club’ called JB’s that the locals venture too. If you love your feet sticking to the floor whilst trying to dance to chart music, this is the place for you.

The locals are fine here and having a fancy dress theme won’t go down badly. As long as you are friendly and don’t start any trouble, neither will they.

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Activities For Hen Parties At Center Parcs May 6, 2012

Being on a hen party you probably want something a little different to what the lads would want on their stag do’s. Here are my recommendations:

Aqua Sauna

Aqua Sauna is the perfect place to start your hen party. You can relax and enjoy the variety of different rooms and treatments that it has available. There are different packages available but the best for a hen do is the spa day which will set you back £79 or £69 for a Monday or Friday.

The experiences offered are suited exactly to a group of ladies looking to have one last week/ weekend away before one of their friends ties the knot. There are water beds and various rooms such as the Swedish sauna.

There are various other treatments available and ones that you may never even have heard or thought of before such as the Hopi ear candles. This helps prevent headaches and migraines and is a natural way of de-stressing.

The only advice I would have would be to book in advance and know exactly what type of treatments you wish to get. These are additional on top of the £69 so you need to budget and work out which ones would be best suited to your needs.

As I’ve already stated though this is the perfect way to spend at least one day of your hen party. Between treatments or enjoying the various facilities available you also receive a free meal from Zilli’s cafe. For more information on this please read the blog titled ‘Restaurants for Hen parties at Longleat’.

Aqua Jetting

This involves whizzing through the water in the swimming pool using a hand held water jet. These sessions are run in the morning before or after the pool has opened or shut. Furthermore you will need to book before you go as there are few spaces and they get booked out really quickly.

Once in the water you are given a jet that you hold onto and it pulls you around the water. Each session is half an hour long and is something that is only available at Center Parcs. It is an activity that you will love and all guests who have spoken to me about it have loved it.


There are only 4 spaces per half hour so you may have to split up and do it at different times but it is definitely something not to miss.

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