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The Morning After The Night Before (Food) May 9, 2012

Let’s be honest, most of the week you’re going to be getting drunk and waking up with a hangover. What you want when waking up is a big hearty breakfast if you’re a bloke or maybe a continental breakfast to clear the head if you’re a lady. I could be wrong, whatever takes your pick.

Sports Cafe

Although you won’t be coming here for the high quality of food it will definitely do the job after a night out. Saying that the food isn’t bad at all, I enjoy eating here, but if you’re looking for high quality tasty food I’s probably not the place.

They have a full English Breakfast, burgers, lasagne’s, curries, chips and steaks. Perfect for the day after the night before. I recommend Sports Cafe because their portions are big and you can also heal your hangover with the hair of the dog early the next day.  They also play all the live sport so it is the perfect place to come and build up to your next night.

The burgers are a personal favourite of mine and I would recommend the chicken burger. It comes crispy, with fresh tomato, lettuce and you can pay a little extra for cheese and bacon on top. The prices aren’t particularly cheap compared to places outside of Center Parcs but compared to the other places within it is the cheapest you will get. Meals will set you back around £8 with a pint costing £3.60.

Cafe Rouge

This is perfect for the women after a night out.  You can order the continental breakfast which has a selection of muffins, meats and cheeses. If that isn’t for you then the full English is a little different to the traditional. It doesn’t have beans or chips or black pudding but grilled vegetables and potatoes.

The setting is quiet and tranquil so perfect for a head that is spinning. There are a wide selection of drinks including a variety of unusual tea’s. This is for the little more sophisticated taste and the portions are much smaller than Sports Cafe.

However the whole atmosphere is different and is much quieter and laidback whereas sports cafe will be buzzing for the days sporting events.

Grand Cafe

This is the best breakfast on the site. The full English has everything you want, all the trimmings and extra’s if you want them. The portion is even bigger than Sports Cafe but there is no alcohol or sports played in here. Again there is a continental option and a wide variety of tea’s.

This is the best location of the three as it is right in the middle of the village square. On the other hand Sports Cafe is down by the Jardin Des Sports and Cafe Rouge is in the Plaza. The prices are again similar to the other two and it would definitely be my choice before heading down to the Sports Cafe for a few beers.

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Restaurants For Couple’s At Center Parcs Longleat May 4, 2012

If you are going to Center Parcs with just your other half then you want to find somewhere to eat that has a romantic, calm atmosphere, with high quality food.

Here are my top 3 recommendations:

Rajinda Pradesh

This restaurant is brilliant for couples. It is situated down next to the Jardin Des Sports and opposite the lake. The layout of the restaurant is spacious and each table has a crisp, white table cloth with a selection of cutlery and glasses. The walls of the restaurant are made up of high windows that enable you to look out over the lake or onto the gardens.

Once sat the food is all freshly made and they have specifically trained Indian chefs. The food is brought to you in separate dishes which enables you to share your food and try each others. The service provided is quick and the staff are always willing to help. Even the toilets are better than the rest of the parks, with a variety of hand soaps and modern sinks.  I would however be careful when buying drinks as these are expensive with a glass of wine costing £7.00. Expect to pay a premium price but the quality of the food will make up for it.

This restaurant is perfect for a romantic meal for two and is the perfect end to an evening. Be careful not to want to eat here on a Monday though as this is the only day of the week it is closed. Be sure to book in advance as this is the most popular restaurant in Center Parcs.

Here is a link to their menu:


This is a tapas bar situated in the Plaza. It encapsulates what Spanish food is about and has a wide selection of tapas style dishes. This is the perfect place for sharing food and enjoying each other’s company. Unlike Rajinda Pradesh the prices aren’t so high here with dishes costing on average of £5. per dish.

The setting of the restaurant is tranquil and calm, especially when eating in the evening. There is dimmed lighting and occasionally a live musician will play. It is surrounded by tropical plants and has a real authentic, Spanish feel to it.

The food here is of good quality although not as high as Rajinda’s. I would avoid some dishes such as the ‘Chorizo Con Patatas’ as I know this is just brought in and micro waved out the back. You can definitely tell in the taste as well so make sure to ask what is made fresh.

The staff provide good, quality service whilst occasionally (usually new years) donning authentic Spanish dress and clothing. Try to book in advance although this doesn’t get as busy as Rajinda’s.

Here is a link to their menu:

Cafe Rouge

This is probably the most under used restaurant in Center Parcs. It is a French style restaurant situated next to Ortega’s. It has a much bigger floor space than Ortega’s and a more laid back, European feel to it.

The reason I say it is under appreciated is because many of the guests see it as higher class. To be fair to them the prices are high and the quality of food isn’t as good as somewhere like Rajinda’s although it is comparable to Ortega’s.

The reason I would recommend going here is because it has a real casual atmosphere and is perfect for a couple after a day of activities. Not many families come here because of the prices and it is a restaurant you can sit back and relax in.

Like I said though, prices are high with meals costing around £10 for a main, but you will love it, your partner will love it and you will both be able to de-stress. Don’t worry too much about booking as it is rarely ever fully booked, but obviously if you are a worrier it is better to be safe.

Here is a link to their menu:

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