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Activities For Hen Parties At Center Parcs May 6, 2012

Being on a hen party you probably want something a little different to what the lads would want on their stag do’s. Here are my recommendations:

Aqua Sauna

Aqua Sauna is the perfect place to start your hen party. You can relax and enjoy the variety of different rooms and treatments that it has available. There are different packages available but the best for a hen do is the spa day which will set you back £79 or £69 for a Monday or Friday.

The experiences offered are suited exactly to a group of ladies looking to have one last week/ weekend away before one of their friends ties the knot. There are water beds and various rooms such as the Swedish sauna.

There are various other treatments available and ones that you may never even have heard or thought of before such as the Hopi ear candles. This helps prevent headaches and migraines and is a natural way of de-stressing.

The only advice I would have would be to book in advance and know exactly what type of treatments you wish to get. These are additional on top of the £69 so you need to budget and work out which ones would be best suited to your needs.

As I’ve already stated though this is the perfect way to spend at least one day of your hen party. Between treatments or enjoying the various facilities available you also receive a free meal from Zilli’s cafe. For more information on this please read the blog titled ‘Restaurants for Hen parties at Longleat’.

Aqua Jetting

This involves whizzing through the water in the swimming pool using a hand held water jet. These sessions are run in the morning before or after the pool has opened or shut. Furthermore you will need to book before you go as there are few spaces and they get booked out really quickly.

Once in the water you are given a jet that you hold onto and it pulls you around the water. Each session is half an hour long and is something that is only available at Center Parcs. It is an activity that you will love and all guests who have spoken to me about it have loved it.


There are only 4 spaces per half hour so you may have to split up and do it at different times but it is definitely something not to miss.

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Activities For Couple’s At Center Parcs May 4, 2012

Activities For Couple’s At Center Parcs Longleat

There are numerous activities for guests at Center Parcs but as a couple you probably want something slightly different and with no children running around:

Aqua Sauna

This is the perfect activity for any couple on a romantic weekend, away from everything. Personally this is my favourite place within Center Parcs. The whole sauna has been recently renovated and you can definitely tell. The whole building is clean and fresh with all the facilities that you would expect from a high end sauna.

It is around £40 for a 3 hour session and this is more than value for money. On arrival you are given a freshly washed dressing gown and towel to go over your swim shorts or bikini. Once inside the rooms available will blow you away.

I’m not usually easily impressed but there are so many different rooms all of high quality. In total there are 15 different spa experience rooms ranging from a sauna, Turkish hammam, water beds, Zen garden, Japanese salt steam room and an Indian blossom steam room. This is a place to come and get rid of all of your stresses.

What’s more there are always staff on hand giving talks about products you can buy or offering massages and treatments. For couple’s this is a brilliant place to just enjoy each other’s company whilst experiencing un heard of treatments.

Here is a link for a full list of treatments:

Cross bows/ Archery

Although it may not be romantic, or calming, this is a great experience to have fun with your other half and try something new and interesting. There are both Archery and Cross Bow sessions that run every day of the week except for Mondays.

I have listed both as it is down to your personal preference as to which you would prefer. Both are taken by trained instructors and last for an hour. I would personally choose the cross bows as I believe them to be more exciting and something that you are unlikely to be able to do again for a while.

This is perfect for couple’s as you can help each other out and have competitions between yourselves. Also this is one of the few places where equipment and the teaching is of real quality and up to the standard you would expect. Many of the jobs within Center Parcs are seen as a waste of time by some staff, but this is one activity that those who teach it enjoy doing. Maybe it’s because they get paid more?

The staff are enthusiastic and help out anyone that needs help. After a couple of goes they are mainly there just for you safety and to tell you when to collect your arrows. This is a really exciting activity and something that you can both enjoy.


Again this is something completely different but may not be to every bodies tastes. Here you get to experience what it is like handling a bird of prey and get to hold and fly one of them. This may not appeal to everybody but is something that couple’s can enjoy and learn about together.

Why would you want to take your partner somewhere where you are doing all the same activities that you could do at home?

For more information visit the Center Parcs activities website

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