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Activities For Stag Parties At Center Parcs Longleat May 6, 2012

Coming to Center Parcs for a stag do seems to have become a lot more popular in recent years since Center Parcs started introducing new activities. The activities are also all on site for guests now which makes it much easier for everyone to get to the activity centre even if they do have a stinking hangover.

Quad Biking

This is a favourite for all stag do’s. A motorbike is a classic lads gadget and the facilities provided allow for competitiveness to come out in a safe environment. Although the track only allows for 8 of you to do it at a time, this is more than enough of your party to make it interesting.

Priced at £30 per head it isn’t particularly cheap but is something you will definitely want to do. You will get all kitted out as soon as you arrive and receive a brief health and safety brief. This will then lead to a talk about how to control your bike and you will be put around a test track. Once you’ve got a feel for the bike you’ll be put onto the main track and will be able to race against your mates.

You will have around 35-40 minutes on the main track. Just ask the staff if you want to be racing the whole time. They can start you off and make sure that it is all done fairly if that’s what you want. If not it’s a great way to have a laugh with your mates, something you may not be able to do as much once you’ve got that ring on your finger.


Probably the activity that you will all be looking forward to doing the most. This is where you will get the opportunity to be brutal with your mates and take the opportunity to hurt them without them being able to have a go at you.

There is a maximum of 30 on the session so depending on the how many of you there are and how you want to play it you can either split into 2 teams or play against other people booked onto the session. Again it is fairly expensive at £25 per person but this is another activity which you probably chose to come to Center Parcs for.

Once kitted up you will play a number of different games. It is £5 for 100 extra paintballs that you need after you have used up the 500 you are given at the beginning. The staff are great and although they do enforce the rules they recognise when it’s mates messing around and people being serious and endangering other people.

This is really easy to get to and probably, in my opinion, the best activity on the site. The outdoor activity centre has only recently been built and all equipment is new and up to date.

Laser Clay Shooting

At £12 per person this is significantly cheaper than the previous activities mentioned. This activity is something you can enjoy as a group and be competitive with as well. Its slightly different and not something that you can enjoy everywhere.

It is basically clay pigeon shooting but with lasers rather than proper pellets to smash the pigeons. The lasers give an instant score of accuracy and all results are tallied up at the end by staff taking the session.

This is more relaxed and less physical than the other activities so is probably best to start your day with. Like the other activities mentioned, this does get booked fairly quickly so it would be my advice to book before you arrive.

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